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Carpool to work

Commute to work with colleagues

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com·mut·er noun

“A person who regularly travels between one’s place of residence and place of work.”

Connecting co-workers

Comovee enables ridesharing for all employees across the organization.
A beautiful map interface allows users to find the ideal matching co-workers.

Comovee makes it amazingly easy to know where your colleagues commute from.
See all your colleagues at a glance and decide yourself who you’d like to carpool with.

Comovee Carpool Software 045


See your colleagues on the map and find the perfect carpooling match from your specific home address.


Get in touch immediately by sending a direct message or use the contact details provided by your colleague.


Enjoy the convenience of carpooling while saving money and protecting the environment.

Embracing carpooling shows social responsibility and leadership to your employees and the community.

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Comovee Corporate Social Responsibility
Rideshare to work

The best idea since sliced bread

Carpooling is smart, flexible, efficient and economical. Every carpooler saves one parking spot and saves the company up to $8.500 every year.

Save parking costs

Reduce parking fee, maintenance and construction expenses by enabling employees to share their ride to work.

Reduce traffic volume

Traffic jams are a major economic problem. Carpooling decreases congestion and eases traffic flow.

Relieve parking shortage

Alleviate parking problems by reducing the amount of employees traveling to work individually.

Motivate workforce

Studies indicate that carpoolers suffer less commute-related stress and work more productively.

By far the most flexible & easy to use carpooling solution we have encountered.

Stephanie Schuster – HNTB
Corporate Carpool System

A great place to work.
And drive to.

Corporate benefits

Capture the benefits of carpooling for your entire organization with Comovee.

Employee benefits

Comovee boosts motivation, productivity and attracts high-performing employees.

You’re in good company

Companies and organizations of all sizes, shapes and kinds have chosen Comovee.

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