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The one corporate carpool system that simply works

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Turn co-workers into co-drivers with Comovee's next-generation rideshare solution for employers of any size and type.

350+ companies worldwide

Rideshare to work

Let’s get to work

— with colleagues

State-of-the-art rideshare software for companies and organizations
to meet sustainability goals and reduce your corporate carbon footprint.

Turn co-workers
into co-drivers

Comovee connects co-workers by mapping nearby colleagues geographically to help establishing carpools to and from work.

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Built with enterprises, for enterprises

Comovee simply works. It’s flexible. It’s software that your employees actually enjoy using. And it’s here to help your company because it cuts travel costs, saves parkings and connects your workforce.

Corporate Commuter Travel Emissions

Calculate the commute footprint for your company

One platform for joint commutes

“Comovee is one of its kind: intuitive, cross-platform, cross-company, providing excellent planning reliability and outstanding support.”

Daniel OehryHILTI

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