Corporate carpooling software

Turn co-workers into co-drivers.

Enterprise-level ridesharing software for corporate commutes and joint business trips for today's most innovative organizations.

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All colleagues on a map

Comovee Enterprise connects co-workers by mapping nearby colleagues geographically to help establishing carpools to and from work. Read more…

Manage business trips

Administer business trips centrally across all departments and save costs by reducing single-occupancy business-related traveling. Read more…

Insightful Analytics

Comovee provides real-time reports allowing you to track vehicle usage, potential savings through ride-sharing and overall statistical data.

Comovee is hands down the most versatile and enjoyable carpooling software on the market: powerful, user-friendly yet beautiful to look at.

Kim Ryle – AEE

Better together.
The Comovee Enterprise Suite.

Comovee Enterprise solves the complete range of corporate mobility challenges:
Carpooling for daily commutes to work and business-related traveling.

Corporate Carpooling

All colleagues at a glance

Comovee presents all co-workers on a map and enables the individual user to find nearby colleagues with matching routes to and from work.

Employee carpooling

Corporate travel software

Manage business trips

Administer business trips centrally across all departments and save costs by reducing single-occupancy traveling related to your business.

Business Travel Software

Detailed reporting

Insightful Analytics

Keep track of your corporate mobility. Comovee provides real-time reports with vehicle usage, travel emissions, savings potentials through ride-sharing and other useful mobility statistics.


Designed for mobility. Made for business.

Ready. Set up. Go.

Ready to run right out of the box, Comovee provides a safe carpooling system featuring ultrafast map technology.

Make it your own

Fully customizable interface allows using Comovee as your own carpooling platform. Comovee is never mentioned.

Safety. Built right in.

Designed with user safety, data security and reliability in mind to protect the environment and make the planet greener.

Seamless integration

Smooth enterprise integration enables implementation of corporate ridesharing with your existing Intranet environment.

Environmentally friendly

Reduce your corporate environmental impact to deliver sustained and sustainable value both now and in the future.

No-headache system

As a cloud-based system, Comovee requires no hardware setup, no software to install, no maintenance or staff training.

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Think globally, act locally

Comovee speaks your language

Comovee currently supports over a dozen languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and many more.
You can instantly localize the carpooling platform for your users around the world.

You're in good company