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    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Today's leading enterprises take responsibility for their social and environmental impact on society. Innovative mobility closely aligns with the commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainable growth.

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Embracing carpooling proves social responsibility and leadership to your employees and the community.

Taking responsibility for the corporate impact on society is becoming increasingly important to the competitiveness of enterprises.

Benefits include risk management, cost savings, capital access, customer relationships, human resource management and innovation capacity.

Company carpool system

Reduce your carbon footprint.

The average daily commute to work is 26 kilometers per day – one way. Thus a shared ride to work with colleagues saves up to 12 tons of CO2 per year. Carpools are a great concept to make a significant environmental contribution.
Carpool benefits

Diminish parking costs

A carpool frees up four parking spots. Carpooling employees open up parking spaces on the work site. With up to 5 riders per carpool, ridesharing is the most cost-effective way to relieve parking congestion.

Decrease traffic congestion

Heavy traffic is a major problem for people getting to and from work. Carpooling helps to decrease congestion and ease traffic flow. Carpoolers suffer less commute-related stress and work more productively.

Calculate your company's savings

A company with 300 employees saves up to

Every year. With carpooling.

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