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Corporate benefits

Act responsible. Think sustainable.

Minimize your corporate environmental impact and reach your sustainability goals.

Carpooling is a proven concept to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This looks great in annual reports and suits your environmental policies.
Reduced costs
Fewer single-person trips reduce the overall fuel consumption of your car fleet. Carpooling requires fewer parking facilities and reduces maintenance.
Work satisfaction
Great employers attract great employees. Rideshares increase employee productivity and are a great part of your work benefits package.
Corporate citizenship
Emphasize your corporate social responsibility by minimizing transport emissions. Show commitment by reducing traffic congestions in your region.

Comovee is a great tool and the easiest way to foster ridesharing among colleagues.

Kim Ryle – AEE
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A great place to work

Real-value employee benefits

The most attractive employers offer innovative work environments with great benefits for company members. Just like carpooling.

Save time

Gain more personal time to spend with friends and family and take advantage of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes.

Save money

Carpooling with just one person cuts increasing fuel costs by half. And don’t forget preferred parking and lower maintenance.

Gain comfort

Sharing a ride relieves the stress of the daily traffic pain. Reduce the stress of your commute and arrive more relaxed.

Peace of mind

Co-workers sharing their daily ride are significantly happier at work. Personal relationships foster joint projects.

Ridesharing Software

Take Comovee with you. Anywhere.

Its cross-platform design makes Comovee run smoothly on all computers at work, at home and even on mobile tablets and smartphones.