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Online Travel Management
Cut costs and empower business travellers.

Designed to satisfy the business travel needs of today’s enterprises. Comovee enables employees to manage business trips with car reservation, vehicle rental and pre-trip approvals.

Corporate Travel Management

A central point of input.

Comovee is a one-stop business travel software. Enter travel information consistently throughout the organization across all business units in one common global business trip system.

Save time

Avoid redundant data input and plan trips in one central software.

Save money

Find overlapping routes and reduce the amount of single-occupancy traveling.

Easy to use

Intuitive form design and handy input that simply makes sense at first sight.

Integrate seamlessly

Calendar and accounting integration to optimize your business traveling.

Business Travel Software

Travel Management to go

Administer business travels on all your devices. Create, edit and manage business trips on the go.

Smart. Flexible. Secure.

All-In-One Business Trip Management

Spend less time administering business travels and worrying about data collection.

Business trips between sites

For all business-related meetings with colleagues at other offices, plants, factories or other corporate facilities.

Cost center allocation

Let travelers select the cost center funding the travel assignment and hold your travel budgets in check.

Calendar integration

Avoid redundant time entries in corporate calendars. Comovee ensures that travel events are automatically generated for calendar integration.

Unlimited travel destinations

Administration of business trips to external addresses such as clients, suppliers, seminars or conferences.

Accounting integration

Quickly integrate travel data with existing reporting, accounting and financial monitoring systems in your company.

Fleet management

Foster joint business trips and recude the number of single-occupancy rides and travel costs.

Car booking

Increase vehicle utilitzation, avoid double bookings and reduce the time it takes to reserve a pool car.

Seat reservation

Fosters joint business trips and recude the number of single-occupancy rides and travel costs.

Pre-trip approval

Streamline the travel approval process by allowing managers to authorize a traveler’s itinerary.

Business Trip Software

Accessible anywhere, on any device.

Comovee Enterprise is designed to ensure the carpooling platform renders consistently across different browsers and on all devices.

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