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    Mobility drives economy

    An efficient range of transportation options serves as the foundation for the local economic development of your community.

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The key success factor for economic development: Sustainable mobility for citizens and local companies.

Mobility: Engine of the local economy

Improving mobility and ensuring quality of life while reducing the carbon footprint is an increasingly complex challenge every community faces today.
Economic benefits

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Mobility as location factor

Enhance mobility. Boost economy.

To maintain economic competitiveness, communities must ensure that local companies have access to a skilled workforce and multiple mobility options.

Locational advantage

Mobility and traffic connections are the most important location factors for companies seeking to invest in new sites.


Sustainability as an integral part of today’s entrepreneurial management is the key to long term corporate success.

Ridesharing benefits

Economic advantages of local carpooling.

Purchasing power

Reduced transportation costs have a positive impact on purchasing power for households. Money saved for commuting can be spent elsewhere.

Economic attractiveness

Transport infrastructure is a crucial factor for companies for site selection. The workforce requires convenient and cost-saving means of commuting.

Productivity increase

Smooth congestion-free road transportation is critical. Efficient mobility contributes significantly to productivity and wealth creation.

Environmentally sound

A community’s growth hinges on the ability to provide a pleasant and safe living environment while reducing pollution and increasing road safety.

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